Andreas Warren Matti

represented exclusively by Avocado Artists in Switzerland & European countries

He was raised in Switzerland and due to his American mother, he spent his summer vacations in North America. His travels there and to other parts of the world has helped him to develop an understanding for people and cultural diversity.  

At a young age he began experimenting with colors and created paintings, some of which he sold to friends. Later he would focus on pop art and today continues to paint an ongoing series.

His serious interest in photography began in his teens. He was fascinated by the restriction of composition and the resulting image given by a camera.  After struggling to find an apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer, he committed and became a licensed Draftsperson. 

However, his interest for art and the connected satisfaction it gave him, his drive to create did not dissipate.  He therefore re-orientated and studied photography in Bern and Zurich. 

Andreas Warren Matti uses artistry and a conceptual process, which he applies to his photography.  His unique and refreshing approach collides and moves against the basic photography of today.

Andreas Warren Matti

‘Photography for me is a personal expression of creativity.  If it’s not commercial work, then I simply see the camera as a medium and photography as an art form. I believe the photography of today clearly has no rules, copying and implementing is made easy. Creating and redefining the existing, on the other hand, I see as the true challenge’. 

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