Mathieu Paul Gabriel

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Mathieu Paul Gabriel graduated top of his class in 2005 from the prestigious school “Les Gobelins”, and more precisely,  from the “photography/photoshoot” section.

Fascinated, as a child, by the TV programs of the 80’s, he soon discovered the first Japanese cartoons that were broadcasted in France. He then started playing video games and got to know their pixel-made heroes, and “Star Wars”, “ Back to the future”, “Ghostbusters” or even “Indiana Jones” quickly became his favourite movies. This large heritage has had, of course, a real and long-lasting impact on Mathieu’s imagination.

The few stolen glances at pictures he saw in his elder brother’s books, such as “Strange”, increased his curiosity for comics, and more precisely for the American ones (with their lot of masked vigilantes in colorful spandex suits and flamboyant super-villains), that he particularly liked drawing.

The arrival of the VHS cassette, and the time Mathieu spent wandering in the video stores, largely contributed to his culture of what we can call the “pop culture”, and  raised his interest for science-fiction & fantasy films, which eventually determined a large part of the visual identity of his work.

Despite his special skill for drawing, he opted for  a scientific cursus in school,  but continued his artistic activities by attending art classes. It’s there that he discovered photography, but also classical painting and more precisely the art of italian painters of the Renaissance, which will truly influence Mathieu’s  work on portraits.

After his « Baccalaureat » (graduation from high school), he went to the university and studied philosophy, before coming back to his passion, photography, as he brilliantly passed the exams to join the prestigious school “ Les Gobelins”. At that time, he discovered studio photography, photo retouching and learned how to work with lighting.  He there met Dimitri Tolstoï, a famous still life photographer. They worked together for 6 years, during which Mathieu started to work in advertising.

Since 2010, Mathieu has been working as an independent photographer and creative retoucher, and also gives classes in the photography section of the parisian art school  “Ecole de Condé”.

Mathieu Paul Gabriel, an atypical photographer, enjoys diving into the memories of his childhood, half real, half dreamed, where fairy-tales characters and “B” movies monsters are mixed up all together. A hybrid kind of art, halfway between photography and drawing, that finds its inspiration in both pop culture and classical painting.

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