Dimitri Tolstoi

is represented exclusively by Avocado Artists in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, as well in  Russia/CIS countries & China.

Dimitri Tolstoi is an artist who found his calling at a very early age. The son of Count Serge Tolstoy, his childhood was steeped in the influential art and literature of the Russian aristocracy.

He inherited his passion for photography from his great-grandmother, Sofia Andreevna Tolstoy (the wife of the famous author Leo Tolstoy).

By the age of 14, Dimitri had already developed a deep interest and a natural gift for photography. His favorite past time was taking portraits of his family members and still life shots of various objects in his bedroom, which had become his first studio, with the nearby bathroom as his first laboratory for developing black and white film.

At the age of 21, after earning his Baccalaureate degree from Janson de Sailly high school in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly and completing his military duty with the armed forces, he decided to convert his passion into his profession. The quality of his work and level of dedication to perfection earned him a position as first assistant to a major French advertising agency’s photo department.

The diverse array of approaches and subject matter handled during this time helped to strength the highly eclectic style which has always characterized his work and continues to set him apart from other artists in this field. Many of his campaigns received industry recognition, including the Art Director’s Award.

Dimitri’s work constantly appear in advertising campaigns of leading global brands such as Perrier, Renault, Peugeot, Air France, Pioneer, Céline, Baccarat, Longchamp, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Lancaster, Nivea, Guerlain, Dom Pérignon, Chaumet and many others.

Dimitri is an artist in constant evolution, reinventing his medium at every opportunity. He dares to combine painting with photography, blurring the lines between his profession and need for creative expression. His work is becoming more and more of a hybrid to be explored and savored.

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